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Three Major Highlights from NASP 2016!

Posted by Christopher Kennedy on Oct 26, 2016 1:26:47 PM

#1. There is a patient-centered revolution upon us.

The story is told many different ways, but the message is the same: “Patients First.” Heritage Biologics is proud to lead the Patient Experience charge with our RXPX initiative, but we are one of many Specialty Pharmacies (SP) that recognize the importance of this mission. The conference highlighted multiple examples of the patient-centered focus that will continue to influence the new pharmacy model. Traditional product distribution strategies fail to capture the unique patient needs that drive the industry. Our collective vision to give the patient a stronger voice was apparent in many of the breakout sessions. Here at HB we call it “rarevoice,” and our mission is to capture this voice in entirely new ways that improve overall health outcomes.

#2. Now is the time to “MEASURE IT!”

Data is the new currency. No doubt about that at this year’s conference. New tools and exciting technologies surround the SP space. The challenge remains in identifying where and how to implement these new advancements. The ability for an SP to understand their baseline data is critical, and doing so starts with measuring it. From traditional pharmacy data to advanced health insights, the foundation must be forged in accurately tracking and measuring. At Heritage Biologics we are doing this using the Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) approach to better understand our costs of providing value. The idea of sharing the data we measure remains controversial in some circles, but cannot outweigh the benefits of overall healthcare improvement. Within the actual data is the proof that pharmacy has a more significant place in the continuum of care cycle than most stakeholders give us credit for.

#3. Outcomes are the common language of healthcare.

SPs have a significant place at the table in the value-based healthcare discussion. The challenge is understanding where to start. Defining value becomes a relatively complex task when dealing with multiple stakeholders. However, defining clear outcomes and where SPs might be able to play a more significant role is the key to improving patient care. At Heritage Biologics, we have shifted our focus from the traditional prescription model to an innovative care cycle management program. We pride ourselves on “fulfilling a patient experience” versus “filling a script.” The phrase may sound a bit commercial, but this simple notion highlights our formalized data-based solution that shares deep health analytics into rare disease patient populations. Conference sessions highlighted the importance of compliance and adherence programs to add value to the overall service offerings provided by SPs. It is clear that working towards collaborative outcomes and sharing in the accountability to achieve them will be the new way in SPs as we move into 2017. 


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