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"Specialty" Pharmacy?

Posted by Dr. Kyle Hogarth, MD on May 27, 2016 4:26:42 PM

Or, as I like to call it: “I’m now bald from the amount of times I have pulled out my hair in frustration!”

Welcome to the inaugural blog posting about specialty pharmacy and a need to change the entire focus of what specialty pharmacy means. I’m Doctor Kyle Hogarth, a pulmonary specialist who runs a clinic devoted to the management and care of alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency patients. Like other “rare” diseases, the management and support of my patients has been dependent on the expertise and care of “middle-men”: the Specialty Pharmacy.

If yourexperience has been like mine, it’s definitely NOT been that special. I get better service as a doctor and as a patient at my local corner pharmacy. The model of care to date is so clearly broken. I fax in a form, but there is no feedback that it is being worked on. My patient gets a call a few days later from the pharmacy telling them that their insurance will be queried. As the doctor, I get no further feedback or communication that my patient is being cared for, or if the first infusion has even occurred. Unless I filled out the form wrong, then I’ll get a daily fax asking me to sign something. I never get a call, text, or email. During the patient follow-up visit, I then discover that the patient is now on their 6th infusion and all is going well (or sometimes not going at all!). Over the next 6 months I get little to no documentation of my patients well-being, tolerance of infusions, over-all medical condition, or vital signs. If I ever DO get a note, it’s a hand-written note in cursive (literally!) with hand-writing that would make a doctor proud. I am a large referral center so I get the “good service” to keep me happy.


There has to be a better way. Why are the patients’ needs secondary to the business model? Why is there little to no communication with the physician, especially in the Age of Communication? The answer is simple. The model for specialty patient care is broken beyond repair, and it takes a new approach, the correct approach. One where the patient is the center of all we do. Where communication is the norm. Where follow-up and intervention is the norm.

I became involved with Heritage Biologics for one simple reason: my patients deserve
BETTER. Everything that I have seen, from the top down, is an organization built around customer service with the patient front and center. This specialty pharmacy is meant to be an extension of your clinic. They are also leading the Patient Experience charge in the
outpatient pharmacy space with their national “RXPX” initiative. Heritage Biologics has redesigned the specialty pharmacy to a new standard that provides entirely new insights into patient care.

Your patient deserves better. You and your clinic team deserve better. Welcome to Heritage Biologics - a rare tradition of care.  

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a rare tradition of care

The Patient Experience (PX) is our passion here at Heritage Biologics. Our commitment is to provide preeminent specialty pharmacy and infusion services. This simply means...that the patient is at the center of everything we do...including this blog.


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