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Signficant Intersections: Leading by Example meets Giving by Example!

Posted by Christopher Kennedy on Dec 21, 2016 4:35:31 PM

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Often in life our paths cross moments that highlight truly meaningful things. An example of this took place last week at Heritage Biologics’ volunteer Red Cross Blood Drive, an inspiring and emotional event where our employees gave blood to help patients. We are a rare disease pharmacy that helps patients every day, but somehow this day was a bit different for all of us involved. Our company has been nationally recognized for our innovative, new patient care model and leadership-focused culture. However, the Red Cross Blood Drive exposed who we really are at Heritage Biologics - a group of people committed to "Giving by Example."

Most recently, a Harvard Business School executive visited our corporate headquarters and commented on our “phenomenal company culture." The focus on improving work seems to be ever-increasing in today's business world. With that notion, there are endless articles, consultants, and quick-fixes aimed at helping institutions reach the lofty goal of enhancing company culture. Well, this post brings you a simple message that can change your culture - Give by example just like you lead by example!

The solutions to many of our challenges are often right in front of us, but hidden beneath a layer or two of noise. At Heritage Biologics, we have found that our company's "secret sauce" is simply that we do exactly what we say we will do. Accountability and performance metrics rule the day. We focus on over-delivering versus just meeting the expectation. So maybe it shouldn't have been such a surprise to see our staff giving the gift of life to over 60 patients on a cold December day. Maybe, just maybe the intersection of leading by example and giving by example has merged seamlessly to become the Heritage Biologics' standard.

The holiday season provides an opportunity to reflect on our personal commitment to giving. Our individual efforts and attitudes can influence those around us. Tony Robbins reminds us that, "the secret to living is giving." An empowering and uplifting reminder that we can each have a dramatic impact in the world around us by our very own actions.

Lead, Give, and Repeat. It just might start an entire movement.

Happy Holidays!

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