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"Messages for ALL Specialty Pharmacies to Read!” – Your Patients

Posted by Christopher Kennedy on Jul 13, 2017 11:07:47 AM


Apparently, the Patient Experience feedback memo that patients all across America have been sending hasn’t been given a chance to reach all providers. No problem…This blog is meant to share some meaningful patient insights with those of you that haven’t heard this freight train rumbling through the halls of nearly every hospital in America over the past 5 year. The antiquated model of putting business priorities before patient care is both unethical and out of style. You know, out of style, like the leg warmer trend from the 1980’s. Just because customers buy them, doesn’t mean you should offer them!

Heritage Biologics built a formalized Pharmacy Patient Experience (RXPX) program into the foundation of the organization over 2 years ago. This translates into a one-of-a-kind database full of insights that previously went unheard. Let’s jump right in and review some of these patient messages.

“My treatment center has their own pharmacy, and they try to guilt me into using that pharmacy at each of my appointments. They tell me the money they make goes back to help patients. Everyone knows that doesn’t happen.”

“My last home infusion company would hook up my IV and then leave me for 3 hours alone. Most of the time they would come back and see how things went, but not all the time. They are just too busy I guess.”

“My previous pharmacy talked to me about switching medications because they would make more money on an alternative product. I didn’t even know they could do that?”

“Pharmacies act like we don’t know how the game is played. My last pharmacy underestimated my knowledge of things. Turns out Google works pretty well to find alternatives.”

“My doctor tried to send me to a pharmacy that I already had a bad experience with. I had to ask 3 different times to be sent to you. I mean I know it’s a business and everything, but now I’m going to switch doctors altogether.”

“I finally realized my vote doesn’t count at the last place I got my prescription filled. I was just another number, but that’s become the new norm I think.”

The worst part about writing this blog is that I know the messages above probably aren’t shocking to many readers. The takeaway for you is that there are a growing number of patient-centered healthcare providers that are committed to exposing these inappropriate episodes of care. The Pharmacy Patient Experience (RXPX) initiative is providing a level of transparency that has been lacking in this industry for years. If you want to compete with other preeminent high performing providers, then your organization must provide the empowering RXPX voice to ALL of your patients.

High performance accountability will continue to have a dramatic impact on the Specialty Pharmacy landscape. The patient voice will continue to grow in volume throughout the marketplace. We look forward to competing with you all on this front!


Pharmacy Patient Experience (RXPX) is a measurable outcome!

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The Patient Experience (PX) is our passion here at Heritage Biologics. Our commitment is to provide preeminent specialty pharmacy and infusion services. This simply means...that the patient is at the center of everything we do...including this blog.


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