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Harvard's lesson for Pharmacy: Measure It!

Posted by Christopher Kennedy on May 10, 2016 5:45:31 PM


I had the privilege of attending Harvard Business School's Value Measurement for Health Care executive program last month. Michael Porter and Robert Kaplan had a clear message to all of us regarding health care performance - "Measure It!".

It was highlighted that health care today has been operating in a "fact free" environment when it comes to tracking performance and actual outcomes. Think about the numerous "Top Ranked" billboards or "We're #1" advertisements that are featured across our health care landscape! Sounds like there must be a lot of great data out there to achieve these impressive claims.

THE QUESTION IS: "What is actually being measured and does it make sense?"

THE ANSWER IS: "Um, Um, ah, well that depends."

Yes, it's a startling reality of our current health care model. The traditional fee-for-service, and even some of the more advanced reimbursement concepts of health care reform, fail to address the main issue - MEASUREMENT. It sounds like a simple concept, but the complexities of being able to achieve this goal in health care are significant.

To impact health outcomes you must be able to provide accurate measurements of performance.  Data is all around us in health care, but we must be committed to capturing, recording, reporting, and sharing these insights to improve the system. Everyone has an opinion, but data does a nice job of breaking through the debate. Heritage Biologics is leading the "Measure It!" campaign in an effort to improve patient outcomes in the Specialty Pharmacy industry. It's time that "accountability" is no longer a buzzword and the pharmacy is a great place to start "Measuring It!".  Learn more at www.RxMeasureIt.com 

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