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"Dear Business Focused Pharmacy, Your Time is Up!" -Most Patients

Posted by Christopher Kennedy on Jul 13, 2017 11:46:41 AM

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In the past two weeks, I’ve encountered three different patient scenarios where competitive pharmacies are trying to block their patients from choosing an alternative provider. Give me a break.

1st Scenario: A non-accredited specialty pharmacy tries to keep a patient on service by having their attorney call our attorney. What does that even do? Important insight here: you don’t control patient or consumer choice here in America. I wonder if Burger King is going to call McDonald’s on me tonight? Sir, you to need to put down that Big Mac and report immediately for a Whopper.

SOLUTION: Invest in the resources and clinical prowess required to achieve dual accreditation. To start, provide a patient experience to customers that provides value outside of unethical incentives. Maybe lay-off the social media stalking too. Most patients don’t like that. Actually, come to think of it, none of us like social media stalkers.

2nd Scenario: A rare disease patient requests that his prescription be sent to our pharmacy, and the physician engages in tactics to confuse the patient into thinking he cannot leave the 340B pharmacy that is connected to the treatment center.

SOLUTION: Providing misleading information to a patient regarding their pharmacy options is unethical and inappropriate. Patient Experience feedback is now being shared more proactively than ever before and this means bad practices are getting exposed. Stick to providing great medical care and not directing business traffic for pharmacy revenue streams.

3rd Scenario: “Let pharmacy freedom ring for all American patients!” Last week, a patient light-heartedly said this to me after having to go through a significant battle with his physician to switch pharmacy providers. In this patient’s case, having a prescription box arrive on his front door each month with no true clinical consultation just didn’t provide the value he needed. For some odd reason, the physician was resistant to letting him change his pharmacy of choice. Seems to me that the physician should be upset about the lack of clinical service his rare disease patient was getting. 

SOLUTION: It’s 2017 and patients understand the dynamics behind 340B programs. Focus on providing patients with actual clinical specialty pharmacy consultation services outside of drop shipping product, and maybe they will be more apt to stay.

We look forward to continuing to expose unethical and damaging efforts that negatively impact patient outcomes. Please remember, Pharmacy Patient Experience (RXPX) metrics provide insights that will continue to drive accountable performance for patient care. Bottom line, change is here! If you don’t provide value to your patients, they will leave and you cannot stop them. Give patients a true voice and focus on improving care versus being a business. We welcome the opportunity to provide patients with an alternative outcomes-based approach to the old broken models in the marketplace.

Pharmacy Patient Experience (RXPX) is a measurable outcome!

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