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Advancing the Patient Experience with Team Chemistry Analytics

Posted by Christopher Kennedy on Feb 1, 2019 1:16:34 PM

Heritage Biologics continues to deliver new and innovative programs to enhance the Patient Experience. We recently teamed up with InnerZone to apply their team chemistry software within the healthcare space. Understanding the difference between personality types and preferred communication styles within teams can be complex. Our clinical team has recognized the value of establishing patient care teams with the best overall chance for successful outcomes. The art of building effective clinical care teams is multifaceted and considering the relationship chemistry between the patients and the providers is paramount.

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Most organizations and sports teams are assembled using assumptions about team chemistry. This can be dangerous in healthcare as the wrong team can result in significant loss. Applying an unbiased diagnostic tool like InnerZone allows us to gain patient insights that have not previously been captured. It’s hard to believe that using personality assessments has not been a standard for healthcare providers. The consequences of guessing a patient’s personality type can result in low adherence or treatment never even getting started. Trustworthy relationships and authentic patient engagement are not achieved without consideration for and understanding the complexities of personalities.

For us at Heritage Biologics, the cost of not knowing is an outcome-risk we aren’t willing to take. The current healthcare model is in need of providers that apply key technologies that have emerged like InnerZone. Patients remain the best solution to improving the care model when we find ways to empower them. Making Patient Experience a measurable outcome isn’t just a passion for our team… It’s the core of who we are.

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